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Jackpot Loyalty Program
Jackpot Loyalty Program Overview
Jackpot Loyalty Program Overview

Everything you need to know about the Jackpot Loyalty Program

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We aim to reward our dedicated players as much as possible. In this article, we will delve into the Jackpot Loyalty Program, covering its bonuses and rewards, as well as providing essential information to help you maximize its benefits.

Ranks and requirements

When signing up on Jackpot, a new player is considered Unranked. Players must then start wagering to reach a new rank. The more you play, the higher rank you reach, and the higher bonuses & rewards you earn.

Here is a list of the available ranks and their associated unlocking wager requirements:

  • Bronze: $10,000

  • Silver: $50,000

  • Gold: $100,000

  • Platinum: $250,000

  • Diamond: $500,000

  • Elite: $1,000,000

  • Premier: $2,500,000

  • Champion: $5,000,000

  • Supreme: $10,000,000

  • Apex: $25,000,000

Bonuses and rewards

Rank-up Claimable Bonuses

Every time you reach a new rank, you unlock a one-time bonus which you can claim on the Loyalty tab.

Rakeback (Guest and onwards)

Rakeback is a % of the house edge on each bet you make, which we give back to you. It can be accrued as soon as you start playing (even if you are unranked), but it will only be available to claim when you reach the Guest rank.

Once you unlock your first rank, you will be able to regularly claim your rakeback. The higher rank you are, the more money you get on rakeback.

Rakeback is currently set at 10% and can be claimed on the Loyalty tab.

Weekly & Monthly Bonuses (Guest and onwards)

Weekly & Monthly bonuses unlock themselves once you reach the Guest rank. They get better as you grind your way up to the superior ranks.

These rewards are respectively available once a week and once a month. Players need to claim their weekly and monthly bonuses before the next week or month starts.

Weekly & monthly bonuses can be claimed on the Loyalty tab.

Dedicated VIP Manager (Elite and onwards)

Once reaching the Elite rank, you get your own dedicated VIP Manager, which you can contact at any time through our live chat located at the bottom right of our website. Your VIP manager offers you top-priority support and can assist you in customizing bonuses to align with your preferences and needs.

To get your manager assigned, please reach out to us through our live chat or by email at [email protected].

Are you a VIP somewhere else?

Check out how we can match your rank & rewards if you are a VIP at another crypto casino.

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