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How to complete KYC
How to complete KYC

Everything you need to know about KYC completion

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At Jackpot, we have 4 different levels of KYC (Know Your Customer). The more you wager, the more levels of KYC you will need to complete to continue playing.

Once a level (from level 2 and onwards) is submitted, it should take 24 to 72 hours for you to get approved, however, it can take longer during some periods.

To start the KYC process, head to the Settings > Verify page.

Level One

This level will require a couple of basic information about yourself, such as your full address and name. Just fill everything out and click on Submit once done. Please note that this level is instant and is mandatory to start depositing funds.

Level Two

To complete level 2, you will need to upload proof of identity. This can be:

  • National ID card (Front and back)

  • Driving license (Front and back)

  • Passport

Level Three

We will require proof of address for the third level. The document must be easily visible and can be:

  • Bank statement

  • Utility bill

  • Any other document that shows your name and address

Level Four

For the fourth and last level, you will be required to upload a proof of funds document. It must be readable and include a bank statement showing your balance. Any other document that shows your name and balance will work as well.

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