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Jackpot Affiliate Program
Jackpot Affiliate Program

Refer your friends and earn some more $$$!

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Everyone loves free money, right? Here's an easy way for you!

At Jackpot, every single user is given a referral link. To know yours, check out the Affiliate tab in your settings.

You can now share your link and get people to register through it. You will be making a percentage of every single bet your referral users make.

The commission is around 10% but can vary depending on the games being played and the wagered amounts.

Once you have referral users, you will be able to see some of their stats (deposits, wagered) and how much commission you've made from each.

You can claim the total amount at any time, and it will automatically be added to your Jackpot account. The currencies you will receive your commission in will be based on the currencies used by your referral users, and they will be displayed on your affiliate page.

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