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How to safely use our Chat to interact with other players

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Our Chat system is a core part of the Jackpot experience. We prioritize the safety of all players while maintaining the utmost respect for all who participate.

The chat can be accessed through our website, using the button located in the top right, next to Rewards. Please note that you must wager $500 to start sending messages.

Let's see the different rules and features!


As for any chat channel, it comes with important rules you must follow:

  • Do not spam or excessively use capital letters during conversations

  • Do not send any links, as these will be automatically removed

  • Do not disclose personal information, including social media profiles, either yours or those of other players

  • Be respectful and do not harass or offend other users or Jackpot staff members

  • Do not discuss politics or religion in the chat, as it is strictly forbidden

  • Do not request loans or tips from others

  • Avoid any suspicious behavior that could be interpreted as potential scams

  • Do not engage in any activities related to advertising, trading, selling, buying, or offering services

  • Use the language specified in the chat channel, any abuse may result in sanctions

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via our live chat if you encounter any improper behavior or require further clarification on the rules.



When clicking on a user in the chat, you can click on View Profile to check out their profile, displaying their rank, join date, and some gambling statistics. You can also tip the user, as explained below.


You can send a tip to any user directly from the chat, either by clicking on the Tip button on their profile, or by clicking on Tip after clicking on their username in chat.

Tips are irreversible. You will be required to enter your 2FA verification code.

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