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How to deposit crypto on Jackpot

Learn more about deposits and available currencies

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Do not have any crypto yet? No worries, we've covered that in a dedicated article.

To play on Jackpot, you need to deposit some crypto into your account. Let's see how you can do so!

First, head to your Cashier (on any page, click on the Cashier button, located on top of the screen), and click on the Deposit button. Select which cryptocurrency you want to deposit. Once you have selected the right one, you will need to send the funds to a deposit address that we provide.

Do NOT deposit any funds to the address shown on the screenshot, or your crypto will be lost forever.

Once you have your deposit address, you can send the funds to it. Transactions usually get processed within 2-15 minutes.


Some cryptocurrencies will have multiple networks available. You must select the right network in the dropdown before copying the deposit address.

For a list of all cryptocurrencies & networks we accept, check out this article.

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