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Reporting issues with third-party games
Reporting issues with third-party games

Reaching out to third party games' support teams

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There are a few of our third-party providers that offer support and some that do not, in the case they do not, feel free to reach out to us to further investigate your problems. If/when we add new providers that offer support, we will update this article.

Third-party games

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming provides a live support chat directly in their games. To access it, once you are in a game, open the in-game chat (usually located in the top right of the game. Note: we are not talking about Jackpot chat here), and then click the headset. This will activate the live support for you.

You can now explain your issue. Their team will help you out and make sure your issue is solved.

Other providers

If you experience a technical issue with any of the other providers or on Jackpot Originals games, please reach out immediately to our support via live chat or by email at [email protected] and include the game, time, currency used as well as the bet ID (check this article if you do not know where to find it) when possible.

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